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Student’s Name Professor: Course: Date: Ernest Hemingway Biographical information Ernest Hemingway was an American novel writer, journalist, and a distinguished short story teller. He was born in July 1899 and died on July 1961. His father was a physician while his mom was a musician. His life and styles of writing had a strong influence in the 20th century. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1954 in the Literature category. He graduated from Oak Park High school in 1917 and briefly worked as a news reporter for Kansas City Star newspaper, the place where he learned most of his writing skills (Ruth 5). Hemingway started his literary works at seventeen years and moved to Paris in the early 1920s.His most productive times were in the 1920s and 1930s. Later on in his life, he was injured in the World War I after volunteering in an ambulance unit of the Italian army. He was in a hospital for a considerable time as a result and was honored by the Italian government. While at the hospital, he met a nurse named Kurowsky and fell in love with her. The two planned to get married, but the nurse became engaged to another man which negatively affected Hemingway’s life. Subsequently, this experience became a basis for female characters in some of his short stories and novels. He used his experience in reporting during the Spanish Civil War as background for one of his novels. Moreover, on top of his writing prowess, he was also a great sportsman. Later on, as he neared old age, Ernest started living in paranoia believing that the FBI was monitoring him. Consequently, in 1961 he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head using a short gun. His literary skills left a

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