Helm Through a Predicament

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Wise people know when to take a particular action and when not to. Isn’t that all that decision-making entails? It’s all about being smart and sure to do the right thing at the right time. However, I am particularly interested in the moment just before you make the decision. How different are you from the leader of a large herd of migrating wildebeests? Yes, the position that many will kill for, “leadership.” Here come the hoi polloi of tired animals, about to cross this big river, heading to the land of “greener pastures.” The waters are still and Mr. Leader will be the first to into the water. The rest of the herd depends on it to determine the safety of the passage. The good thing about wise leaders is that they do not turn back, not even when the aroma of possible crocodile attack fills the air. After observing the behavior of wildebeests and their predators, the crocodiles, I was able to come up with the idiom “Helm through a predicament.” It is all about navigating through dilemmas and moments when we have to make the hard choice in life. If all leaders were like the vulnerable yet fearless wildebeest, no turbulence would ever stand in the way of societal achievements. All they need to do is dip one foot into the water, breath deep and decide it’s now or never. Nevertheless, no one would be stupid enough to go-get without giving a chance to second thoughts, especially when a wind of danger, failure or uncertainty hovers around. Time is very much on our heels, and we need to feed, taking our business to the next level or whatever it is that we anticipate. But I am sure our fearless friend, Mr. Leader, here understands the probability of being

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