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View of Hell (Your Name) (Subject/Code) (Professor) (Date) The Christians believe that people are only headed in two directions: hell or heaven. According to the Christian beliefs, those who fail to meet the expectations of God as stipulated in the Bible will be thrown into Hell. But what does the Bible say about hell? Is it a place for eternal conscience to punish the wicked or a literal place for eternal fire? This essay describes the different views of hell as written in the Bible. In the Bible, it is written that there is an eternal conscious punishment that will befall the wicked man from the day of rapture. On that day, the wicked will suffer in hell forever. The final punishment that will be accorded to the wicked will be to cast them away from the righteous and punish them for their disobedience. To make it worse, the Bible describes that such punishment will be irreversible as evident in the book of Matthew 25:41. Christians believe in the endless punishment in hell will result from the reasons described below. From the bible, hell was meant to punish Satan and the people he managed to cheat and drag into his immoral and disobedience ways. The Christians are sure that hell is real and sinners will be punished as written in the book of Mathew 25:41,46 and Revelation 14;9-11. In these verses, there is enough evidence to show that sinners will be burned by fire on the judgment day when Christ the Messiah will come back for his holy Church. Apparently, in Matthew 25:41, Jesus stipulates that the sinners are destined to burn in the eternal fire that is prepared for the devil. The sinners are referred to be followers of the devil, and they defied the

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