Heinlein’s Stranger in a strange land

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Heinlein's “Stranger in a Strange Land” Introduction Robert is viewed to be one of the paramount science fiction authors during his tenure and in the contemporary world. His prevalent novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” produced a counter-cultural revolt that has led to many factions being fabricated around his fictional culture that dares every axiom of humanity. Therefore, the writing influenced the acts of free love movements and the emergence of a sexual revolution in the society. The book is based in the future and acts as a counter-culture Bible. The author tells a story of Smith, an individual who comes to Earth in earlier adulthood after being born on Mars and parented by Martians. Heinlein explored the interaction of Michael Smith with terrestrial culture and his eventual transformation. Thus, the past’s future mystery depicted in the novel gives it a world sort of retro vibe. Similarly, the author constructed the cultural and social mores of his future world through drawing on what would have been his imminent realm. The book created a counter-culture revolution that was centered on things like questioning the nature of the 50s, free love, individual liberty, peace, and questioning the actions undertaken by the government. On the same note, it made the populace to find an avenue of expressing all the things they feel the government was not doing right due to its discussion of issues in a bold and candidly style. The book became very influential as it made people borrow its phrases so as to express a new way of thinking about the society, culture, and life. Therefore, this paper shall be based on Heinlein’s

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