Hebrew- same culture across time

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The Hebrew Philosophy in Different Times The Hebrew philosophy represents a body of philosophical autopsy informed by literature, traditions, and involvements of the Jewish society. Although the question of what precisely the Hebrew or Jewish philosophy entails is not a recurrent one, the way it is often discussed makes it appear to be so. Perhaps the most important answer to the above question is that the Jewish philosophy is an academic disciplineCITATION Fra97 p 2 l 2057 (Frank 2). According to Frank, the philosophy came into existence as a punitive rejoinder to Jewish scholars to a specific historical event, one that made vulnerable the very uniqueness of the Hebrew or Jewish culture (4). As such, one can argue that the initial existence of the Jewish culture was to demarcate, along with typical academic boundaries, a definite literature body. Necessarily, this philosophy resulted in the exclusion of several aspects deemed unfit for the regnant academic blueprint. Mysticism, as discussed by Frank, was among the elements excluded from this philosophy because of its conjectured “arationality ” (4). Furthermore, to attain decorum, the Jewish philosophy has paralleled and at times mimicked ideas from other cultures, a practice carried to the present. In this paper, there will be a brief discussion on the timeline of the Hebrew philosophy (synonymous with the Jewish philosophy). The discussion will categorize this history into three broad periods (ancient, medieval and modern) and analyze them by reviewing the key philosophical figures. HISTORICAL MILIEU Over the course of history, the Jewish philosophy has been a

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