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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Healthy Lifestyle Radley Balko in his piece What you eat is your business argues that America is losing its battle against obesity. I agree with his sentiments that the health care system in America has shifted to socialism CITATION Bal04 p n.p l 1033 (Balko n.p). The push towards increased government involvement is not only healthcare, but weight management as well is uncalled for. Everyone should be responsible for his or her healthcare and adequately manage their weight. Why should fast food restaurants such as McDonalds be made for people’s inability to watch what they eat? It does not sound fair that insurance companies are forced to charge equal premiums for individuals who are at a higher risk of suffering unseen health conditions. Banning junk food from schools is unfair to those who occasionally indulge in them. The gradual change that has engulfed America means that people no longer have an incentive to take care of themselves. After all, the government will do that for them. People will be forced to make wiser choices if they, and not others, bear the brunt of what they do. Rather than increase government funding to support anti-obesity initiatives, legislators should instead be putting more measures in place that seek to improve healthcare. Instead of banning soda and snacks, why not increase the number and length of gym classes. Perhaps even pass legislation that requires companies to have designated gyms where employees can work out at their convenience. Taking care of people who do not want to take care of themselves sound like one of the most absurd things to do. This is just where

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