Healthcare Reformation

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Healthcare Reformation Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract The health care system in the United States has been having serious challenges over the last couple of years. A large population of the American population does not have insurance cover which makes healthcare quite expensive for them. During President Obama’s tenure, the Congress came up with ways of investing new fund that would help reduce the number of citizens without insurance cover, and this is how Obama care was born. Many health systems have been developed to try and help reduce the cost of healthcare services. The United States needs reforms since the rising cost of healthcare may end up spending the entire budget of the federal budget. Healthcare reforms will promote the quality of care that patients receive. It is surprising that the United States has the worst medical serviced yet it is a developed nation. Over 70% of the deaths in the country are caused by chronic diseases. Keywords: Reform, quality service, insurance, health system, healthcare Healthcare Reformation In the Last couple of years, the federal government has been putting billions of money in different programs with the aim of improving healthcare delivery. The United States needed to have a healthcare reform since the cost was going so high. Bankruptcy in the healthcare system affected over two million people and the rising cost of health care was consuming a large sum of the federal government. The increasing budget made preventive care unaffordable for most people. For this reason, many of the low-income people landed in emergency rooms, making the cost to go even higher. There are over eight hundred and fifty

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