Healthcare Quality Management

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MD Anderson Cancer Centre and Mayo Clinic are among the best healthcare organizations in the US. Each Medical Centre has a healthcare quality plan aimed at improving the delivery of quality and affordable healthcare services. Both hospitals place emphasis on patient satisfaction by requesting patients to rate the quality of services they experience. Quality assessment among the inpatient and outpatients encourages patients to return. However, the MD Anderson Cancer Centre has an advanced care planning unit that guides patients on who is supposed to advise them and assist them to make medical decisions when they are not in a position to make sound decisions regarding their health. The MD Anderson Cancer Centre has included insurance and other financial information to provide financial support and provide guidelines on how payments should be made. On the other hand, Mayo Clinic health care plan incorporates the outcome and processes stages of medication to evaluate the performance of the healthcare organization in delivering quality medical services. Assuming a perfectionist mentality in healthcare remains to be a major limiting force to realizing delivery of quality services. Perfection has proved to be one of the leading causes of frustration and distress especially if an individual fail to meet the set goals and expectations. Despite the perfectionist mentality in healthcare, mistakes cannot be shunned. Even machines which are made with utmost precautions can fail since they are all made from man’s intelligence. The most crucial factor to consider is plan and organizing for quality. However, this calls for a collective responsibility between all medical practitioners

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