Healthcare Practices and the Law

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Healthcare Practices and the Law Chapter 24 Questions 1. What Does NOTA Regulate and What Does Is Not Regulate? The national organ transplant act is an organization that oversees the transfer of human organs from the donor to the recipient. The organization regulates the process involving the procurement and use of organs and tissues from a donor to a recipient with the hope of ensuring that the due process is followed in the acquisition and the transplant of these organs and tissues (Cherry & Jacobs, 2016). However, the organization does not oversee the management of human remains used for research and education. The regulation for using body parts donated to a health care facility for purposes of research and education solely lies with the institution in which the donation is made. 2. Recent Scandals Related To Universities and the Sale of Body Parts Several scandals have come up in the last few years touching on universities and the sale of human bodies. One of the most memorable and scandalous occurrences involved the University of California in Los Angeles. An intermediary by the name Nelson was accused and found guilty of selling body parts meant for research at the university's medical laboratory. At the University of Texas, the institution faced a scandalous situation after engaging in the buying of fetal organs from a Planned Parenthood organization. 3. What May Happen If The Ultimate Purchase of a Body Part Is Highly Separated From The Initial Act Of Theft? People who purchase parts of a body from a dealer without the knowledge that the organs were stolen cannot be lawfully persecuted. If a person can prove his or her innocence and the lack of knowledge of

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