Healthcare organizations and prepardness

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Healthcare Preparedness Name Institution Affiliation The FBI should include some of the scientists in the health department to fasten the rate at which the investigation concerning the biological agents that are being used by the terrorists. And also the FBI should work hand in hand with the healthcare organizations such as the red cross so that the impact of the powdered chemicals that are sent in envelops that contain messages does not cause much danger to the affected individuals (Bennett, 2006). The presence of the healthcare personnel will help in carrying out first aid whenever there is a need. In addition to the first aid, the healthcare personnel and the healthcare facilities can also be distributed in different locations and stations where the investigations are done so that there is a prompt response in case of danger to any person at the scene where terror attack occurs. And also there should be some ambulances put in place to carry an injured individual during an attack and more so those that require thorough treatment. The police officers in the local, county and state locations should also be trained on the basic knowledge on how to handle the attacks that involve the chemical and biological substances to that they don’t lose their lives whenever the medical specialists are not within reach (MacPherson, 2003). The medical researchers should be involved to conduct researches that prevent the effect of the hoax and coax biological agents when an individual is exposed to them. When the research is conducted effectively, then the citizens don’t have to worry about such terror attacks because the solutions to them are within reach by all the members in

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