Healthcare Delivery Systems

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Outline Introduction Delivering Healthcare in America Healthcare delivery in the United States has changed today due to the new technologies that have been introduced in the health sector. The healthcare system has been expended to ensure that patients get the right medical care and quality healthcare in all health institutions. Quality healthcare is nowadays achieved in hospitals, rehabilitative care, and many other places. The expansion in this sector has made it easier for patients to receive the quality treatment that they desire. Thesis Statement The role of healthcare delivery system varies in various healthcare settings. Healthcare is currently delivered in health institutions, homes, and other places. The healthcare delivery system seeks to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered in all health institutions. Ethical Consideration Interviews are commonly used in the research data analysis. It is a step that must be carried out to ensure that the right data is gathered. The identities of the people who participate in the research study are normally known to the researcher. It helps the person undertaking the research to have a transparent view of the process. Due to this, the researcher is responsible in ensuring that the identities of the specimen are not known. Keeping their identities a secret will give them the opportunity to collect data at will without distractions Management of Resources The healthcare delivery system ensures that resources in the healthcare sector are managed well in hospitals. The healthcare delivery system helps in managing the resources in the healthcare sector through the decreasing the amount of time spent by patients hoping to

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