Healthcare breach

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XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZZ November 20, 2016 Abstract: None Requested Healthcare Breach: Jacobi Medical Center NYC What Went Wrong This data breach occurred in December of 2011 when thieves hijacked a courier van carrying computer backup tapes from the Jacobi Medical Center to a secure location. These tapes contained private data for 1.7 million patients, vendors, staff, and contractors. This data ranged in dates from 1991-2010. The stolen data contained all the pertinent identifiers and information used to commit identity theft (Rashid, 2011). This information was not in text format, and not easy to get to unless the thieves are experienced in data mining. NYC is putting legislation in place to take effect in January 2017 and named house bill A10475. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz who states, “New York's data breach notification law needs to be updated to keep pace with current technology,” commented on the legislation. “This bill broadens the scope of information covered under the notification law and updates the notification requirements when there has been a breach of data.” Jacobi took most of the allotted sixty-day time frame to notify customers of this data breach (Snell, 2016). All hospitals must keep abreast of new advances in cybersecurity to prevent criminals from gaining access to private health information. The hospital did not encrypt the files on the backup tapes. That was a near fatal error for the hospital. The contractor driving the van in question left the van unlocked while collecting other tapes from a different site in Manhattan. That was a gross human error, and the hospital fired this contractor and ended the contract. Jacobi supplied each

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