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HIT architecture Name: Institutional affiliation: Part A 4876800-19685Administration Administration 3648075-635Systems administrators Systems administrators 24193509525Nurses 0Nurses 12001509525Patients Patients -571500Doctors Doctors 13423903716655Industry Information Platform 00Industry Information Platform 36671253345180Client capture 00Client capture 26193753357880Document 00Document 16668753343275CIQ 2000 00CIQ 2000 9144003352800LRP 00LRP 9334502733675Data collection and exchange platform 00Data collection and exchange platform 23710902105025Basic information database 00Basic information database From the hypothetical HIT strategy, the ABC Physician’s office has the above IT infrastructure. We can notice how the system works. We notice that the system can incorporate doctors, nurses, administrators, and visitors. Each of the users of the system can access it through special privileges that I created for them. The system is made in such a way that it is easily accessible to all users, (Kumar, 2014). Doctors can access the information from the database just like any other system user. We also notice that the platform has been constructed with some basic principles, which are a necessity if the system is to work accordingly. The relevant safety standard requirements of the system such as data integrity and system security have also been factored in. Part B The above image is a cisco network-switching device. The device is applicable in the HIT architecture drawn above. For example, the above device is the “SG 300-24 24-Port Fast Ethernet” type of switch. The device can assist the small business network line

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