healthcare 2017-2020

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Healthcare 2017-2020 Name Institution Health is a pertinent domain in the United States; hence, there are various initiatives aimed at ensuring the health system is at the same level with that of other high-income countries. Comparison between insurance premiums and healthcare outcomes is one such initiative. Health issues in the U.S. range from those of access to health care to the disease itself and associated environmental factors. The ushering in of a new administration is expected to see various changes in various sectors of the country’s economy, and the healthcare sector will not be left out either. Until now, the Obamacare has stirred up controversies that Donald Triumph wishes to redress through a repeal. However, Triumph should be cautious about his strategies to ensure that the goal to expand coverage will be achieved. Obamacare has given rise to major issues and trends that will be discussed herein, and the major issue that has always been of concern to the Americans is high taxation due to high healthcare costs. America’s future trends in healthcare are inclined to technological development and continuous innovation. Given the healthcare objectives, various issues and trends can be noted, including the expansion of telemedicine to integrate it into the electronic health system that is still relatively new to the U.S. health care system. Also, more innovations to enhance healthcare will be required to enhance the value of healthcare while ensuring that their applications are cost-effective. Other issues and trends include the expansion of coverage because there is still a number of uninsured Americas, eliminating the legal and regulatory

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