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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Business people use advertisement to announce their products so that people embrace and feel attracted to them. The advertisement is normally made as enticing as much as possible so that many customers get attracted to the product being sold. Some of the products being advertised have the little truth about the real functions they are made for. Some of the information contained in the advert are either mythical or they are just mere exaggeration which is meant to fool the customers so that they can buy the goods or services which are sold to them. When it comes to health-related services, there are lots of lies and exaggeration about what one can actually attain from the gymnasium. The main aim of such advertisement is to attain more customers coming to their gym. Some of the false information being advertised about the gymnasium are things like; automatic weight loss without any change in the diet that the individual takes; weight loss which can be attained even if there is no exercise carried out, some also involve the use of some tablets and pills which are being used by those have overweight to become slim, and even some situations where one is told just to dance, and automatic weight loss will be experienced (Henry N.p). Other myth articles talk about the body weight that should choose its own form, and therefore one should not do an exercise to transform it. There is also a myth which tells the people not to do exercise when they find it difficult because it won’t cause any effect on their health. These are all for the just mere attraction of the customers as well as to discourage them not to follow their

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