Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act

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Health Insurance Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Choosing and Purchasing Health Insurance Many organizations have considered the choice of insurance firms for their employees. With the current challenges and unforeseen accidents in the work environment, having a reliable health insurance cover the employee is an essential requirement. Most governments in the present society have also stipulated laws and regulations governing the applicability of insurance for the employees (Protection & Act, 2010). There are many insurance firms in the current society and choosing one to be your service provider requires more research and prior studies to it (Rickard, 2005). In determining an insurance firm to provide services for the employees in any organization, several working factors need to be considered (Protection & Act, 2010). The Reputation of the Company One should investigate the reputation of the company before solely giving them the responsibility of becoming service providers for your employees. Understanding the reputation of the Company is key in determining whether the company is reliable or not. With many insurance firms in the market, it is quite ideal to consider understanding the company better before binding them to your organization (Rosenbaum, 2011). Government and Legal Regulation It is a wise idea to find an insurance firm that has been accredited by the government to offer the insurance services to the people. There are various laws binding and regulating the insurance service delivery. Financial Stability The insurance firm in the company aims to provide financial support in case of

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