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Health Information Exchange Reference Manual Student’s Name Institution Reference Manual Health information exchange refers to electronically mobilizing healthcare data across organizations that are located in the same locality, community or health care facility. The HIE can also be described as an organization established to exchange or share healthcare information (Shanholtzer & COL, 2012). Its purpose is to allow nurses, pharmacists, patients and doctors to effectively access and share the client’s medical information through electrical systems for improved quality and speed of patient care. HIE is preferable to other systems of sharing patient information due to its effectiveness in minimizing medical errors (, 2016). Additionally, HIE is fast and cost effective thus, most healthcare facilities are able to access and encourage their employees to utilize the system. Forms of HIE Direct exchange; this form of HIE provides physicians and other users with a platform to electronically receive and send information. Some of the information shared through direct exchange includes laboratory orders, discharge summaries, and referrals. The information is shared with a network of healthcare providers that are involved in the treatment of a specific patient. The communication channel applied must be secure, encrypted and reliable for effective messaging (, 2016). Direct exchange can also be applied in sending information about immunization statistics of a region or hospital to government health organizations in addition to sending data to Medicaid and Medicare companies. Query-based exchange; this is a kind of HIE that allows

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