Health Disparities

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The determinants of health are the various factors that impact the risk of developing a disease. The determinants are divided into two. The first class of the determinants is concerned with the individual and family characteristics while the second category is concerned with the community aspects, which include the social and physical environment in which the individual lives. The paper identifies the different types of the determinants of health and the sensitive cultural approaches to the nursing care for the disparities at the community and family/individual level. The examples of the family/individual determinate are biology/genetics, such as sex and age of the person, family beliefs, and individual behaviors, such as smoking and unprotected sex. In contrast, the community determinants include the physical hazards like sidewalks and exposure to crimes and violence. Health Disparities Individual/Family Determinants of Health Individual and family determinants relate to the individual features of people and family issues, which assist in finding out the medical care they attain. It includes the characteristics such as genetics and biology like age and sex of the person, family customs and beliefs, individual behaviors, such as the use of injection drug, alcohol use, smoking and unprotected sex (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2015). For example, the alcohol affects the health of the abuser and determines the types of drugs he or she will use. Furthermore, alcohol use impacts the types of diseases that will affect the individual and the medical services that will be administered to him or her. The individual behavior and survival skills, such as drinking, smoking, balanced

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