Health Care Timeline

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Health Care Timeline Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Health Care Through Out the Years Date Event and Significance 1860-1870 Creation of the first system to offer national medical care. This initiative came into existence after the civil war, and it was established by the federal government in the south. This system would provide health services to the slaves who had been freed after the war. To put the system to action, the government constructed hospitals and employed medical officers who treated the many sick slaves in the region.The hospitals, however, did not exist for long, and new health programs had to be introduced to meet health needs (Rosen, 1974). 1901-1920s Establishment of the social welfare for citizens. The social welfare put into place that was established in this period was to help the governments of that era to subsidize health care industry or to directly run the heath programs operating in their countries. Additionally, in this period the United Kingdom came up with an Insurance Act that saw employees get medical attention but no dependants benefitted from it. The president of America in 1912 started a campaign that wanted the state to provide insurance security for its citizens. However, the American Medical Association (AMA) opposed this plan because it would hinder the progression of the private health sector (Miles et al., 2001). 1930-1940 Private health centers started to offer insurance programs. This began after the American Medical Association succeeded in stopping the government from offering the ‘compulsory health insurance’ in 1935 which was to help people in the period of Great Depression. The Blue Cross became the

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