Health Care Technology and Finance

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Healthcare Technology and Finance Name: Institution: Challenges Posed by the Growing Use of Medical Technology in the United States and how American Cultural Beliefs and Values Influence the Use of Medical Technology The present day United States is known to be a universal leader in medical technology (Wilkowska & Ziefle, 2011). Having a majority of the top world medical equipment companies situated there brings a lot of gain to them, at the same time, it brings up numerous challenges. This paper discusses some of the biggest problems posed by the growing use of medical technology in the U.S. as well as how the American cultural beliefs and values influence the use of this technology. One of the main issues posed by the increasing use of medical machinery is the undermining of human talent. All around the word, the U.S. included, there has always been a serious competition for major human talent in various professions in the healthcare sector. Increased use of machines makes it less necessary for employers to do massive recruitments of human labor as most of the tasks that initially required innovative human labor are performed by the devices. Educational and research institutions also have to undertake massive investments to ensure that the students that leave their schools are tech-savvy and can compete favorably in the highly mechanized job market (Wilkowska & Ziefle, 2011). Another challenge that healthcare mechanization causes is an increased regulatory atmosphere consisting of bureaucracies and complicated rules. These rules are meant to protect the consumers by ensuring that the machines meet all the safety standards and are operated by

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