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Health Care Quality Prevention of heel ulcers is an important issue in healthcare today. The process that the healthcare institution uses to prevent and treat existing heel ulcers determines the percentage of reliability in the prevention and management of the condition. To achieve eighty to ninety percent reliability, the physician should assess the patient’s etymology to determine their risk levels of developing the condition. Once this has been established, the physician should prescribe the kind of footwear that the patient should use to ensure that unnecessary pressure is not exerted on the heel. If the ulcer has already developed, one should use a wedge heel protective device to relieve the pressure. On the other hand, to achieve 90% reliability, a physician should examine the possible etymology of the patient as well as the whole body to determine the possibility of developing ulcers. The physician should study the history of the patient including that of the family to make the right judgment call. Advice on which footwear to use is also important for patients to prevent heel ulcers. If the ulcer is already developed, the physician should refrain from using any artificial suspending materials and make us of the standard head pillow. A head pillow is the most effective pressure-relieving tool because it does not add any pressure on the heel. Once the ulcer is developed, there should be no pressure exerted to the heel and a head pillow offers that comfort. To measure the effectiveness of the process, the physician should assess the patient’s every day to determine their healing progression. The assessment should be keenly conducted for one month to

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