Health Care Providers and Professionals

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Health Care Providers and Professionals Student’s Name Institution Date Comparing Nurse Practitioners and Physicians The interconnected concepts of medical care access, quality and costs are fundamental to the current health policy discussion in America. Particular issues include the escalating costs of the management of chronic diseases, reduced number of key care physicians and the quality of health care provided (Sox, 1979). In medical care, the meaning of quality keeps evolving. The meaning that has been in existence is attached to the treatment given to patients, the manner in which the treatment is given and the satisfaction of the patient being treated. As such, it is important to understand the role of each player in the health care sector to truly understand the meaning of quality health care. In this regard, this paper shall focus on comparing the nurse practitioners and the physicians. The comparison shall be based on the roles they play, the kind of training they undergo, the practice requirements and the practice setting. Role First, the difference between a nurse practitioner and a physician is based on their role in the field of medicine. Physicians’ role is to center on treating and finding the cure for a disease which means that they study diseases and the methods of curing them (Melillo, Et. al, 2015). On the other hand, nurse practitioners’ major role is to center on providing health care to the patient. In essence, their main focus is the patient and the ways of healing them. The difference in these two roles is based on the meaning of cure and healing. Healing involves restoring the psychological, emotional and physical

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