Health Care Providers and Products

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HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS Name Institution A health care provider is generally any person, company, program or agency that works to provide the necessary healthcare to the public, who in this case, are the patients suffering from a range of illnesses. Hence their presence is important to the survival of the human race as they are trained to administer health care services to patients which help them in the cure of illnesses, fractured and broken bones, diseases, or any other calamities that may befall the human body that they are trained and equipped to administer treatment. Preventive or Public health These health care providers are tasked with the responsibility of providing treatment to patients for them to be able to avoid certain illnesses or reduce the effect of a certain disease from becoming worse. The following are provided: Vaccinations - these are mostly administered to children and young adults, they tend to boost the immune system of an individual, and they introduce antigens into the body to prevent diseases such as tetanus, influenza, and measles as they are considered severe if contracted. Vaccines are administered according to age and the living conditions of an individual together with much more other factors. Check-ups - instead of visiting a healthcare institution in the event of an illness or injury, one can undertake to have regular check-ups. This is where the physician can monitor your heart and blood pressure readings together with other diagnostic readings that may be needed to determine the occurrence of an illness and if necessary, he or she can prescribe medication to be able to bring the readings to the required levels

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