health care law

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Health Care Law Student’s Name Institution TO: Supervisor FROM: Assistant Administrator DATE: SUBJECT: Issues in Revenue Sources My hospital is facing the following issues with regard to financial sources: Revenue is important in facilitating the efficient operation of health care services in a hospital. In the 1970s, a Non-profit-hospital in Omaha Nebraska Circa faced different challenges in obtaining revenue. For instance, the hospital experienced competing high-priority ventures that pressurized it to collect more revenue from the government and donors to cope with speculated reforms. The hospital lacked skilled human resources in different departments; this resulted in the formulation of substandard projects that could not attract donors and other funding organizations (Herman, 2016). Additionally, the hospital personnel lacked collaborative spirit that resulted in biased decisions and poor communication thus, requesting for revenue was problematic as management had varying views and interests. Herman et al., (2016) continues to argue that significant market fluctuations affect the amount of revenue collected in hospital facilities; this occurs when the number of patients that registered with affordable care Act and other healthcare insurance plans keeps changing. The fluctuations result in employers pushing healthcare expenses to employees. Therefore, the hospitals are forced to provide treatment and care for uninsured patients. Traditionally, the hospital Omaha Nebraska Circa got its revenue from insurance companies that were organized in the following way: the employees/ clients were supposed to pay a deductible fee before the

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