Health Care in India

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course name Date Statement of the Problem India has received a lot of plans, proposals, and papers sixty years after independence which attempt to provide solutions to health issues facing the health sector. However, health care continues to witness a lot of problems despite an increase in economic growth. The slogans of World Health Organization such as ‘Health for All’ have not yielded any fruits. India continues to experience poor utilization of health care facilities and accessibility to healthcare.The purpose of this project is to find the problems facing the healthcare sector and the solution to the problems (Rao, Mohan, et al. 2004). Problems Facing the Healthcare Sector A Large proportion of the population faces nonuniform, expensive and inaccessibility to health care service. The data generated from several types of research indicate that 70% of the population cannot access health specialists. The hospitals being run by the government offer poor quality services, therefore, the rich population prefers visiting private health centers. The extent to which health utilization is done is recorded to be low. Tertiary and secondary level facilities are overloaded while peripheral health facilities are normally underutilized. The causes of underutilization of health resources include lack of accessibility, the high cost of medication, insufficient health specialists and failure of the community to participate in decision making. Poor infrastructure and geographical orientation of the land hinders the penetration of healthcare facilities to the rural areas (Rao, Mohan, et al. 2004). . The health specialists lack

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