Health Care (Denial of Service)

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Health Care (Denial of Service) The Queue explores the failure by a government to deliver on its promises to the people as well as psychological games played by the government on the citizens. The United States (U.S.) health care system predominantly revolves around health insurance, an area that has experienced massive government intervention. The scenes displayed in The Queue have a significant resemblance to a majority of the issues affecting the U.S health care system. This paper evaluates the U.S. health care system and directly compares it to scenes in The Queue to show areas in which the government has failed to deliver on its promises to the people. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act introduced by Barack Obama has fostered radical changes in the U.S. health care system. It endeavors to encourage people to purchase insurance policies by offering tax credits and subsidies. Medicare and Medicaid constitute two of the largest health insurance programs in the U.S. Medicare and Medicaid purposes to insure disadvantaged groups in the society – elderly, physically challenged and poor persons suffering from terminal diseases (Niles 28). The Act can be likened to the Gate in The Queue. The Gate takes up complete control of the lives of the citizens. The gate hands out the requisite paper without which a citizen cannot enjoy government services. Similarly, the Act is a game-changer in America since it determines who gets insured and who does not get insured. Persons who are not covered by Medicare and Medicaid and who are not capable of purchasing insurance policies, risk being uninsured. Therefore, the Gate greatly

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