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Name:Instructor’s name:Course:13 November 2016 Abstract The paper talks about various scientific journals and what content they publish. Scientific journals are known to be important avenues of passing scientific knowledge to different groups of people. Most scientific journals have a target audience that is attracted to it based on the content it publishes (Björk 15). The purpose of the article is to shine some light on the different journals and how they determine their content. To achieve this aim, the author conducts qualitative research on three journals. The first journal that the article talks about is the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The author mentions that the journal was the first, and at the time of publication of the article, the only "international scientific peer-reviewed journal on every aspect of research” (Moed 270). The article mentions that despite the word internet being present in the title of the journal; it also publishes original studies on developing, assessing, and applying non-internet technologies in the healthcare sector. The journal targets a broader readership than all the other articles that the author discusses in his article. The next journal that the author of the article reviews is the Journal of Biomedical Informatics which was initially known as Computers and Biomedical Research but was restructured to portray a commitment to original quality papers in the field of biomedical informatics. Even though biomedical sciences applications motivate the journal, it focuses on reports of new techniques and methodologies that have general applications and that make the basis for the changing field of biomedical

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