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Policy Adoptions to Reduce Medical Errors Name Institutional Affiliation Policy Adoptions to Reduce Medical Errors Introduction The focus of the policy briefing memos is the medical errors that occur in the healthcare facilities thereby compromising the quality of life as well as the recovery process for the victims. The memo thus seeks to provide recommendations on the possible policies that the American College of Physicians can adopt to reduce the medical errors in the healthcare facilities. Studies indicate that the underlying cause of the medical errors is the breakdown in the communication system among the various ranks of the members (Eaves-Leanos, & Dunn, 2012). The communication breakdown results in inadequate error reporting mechanisms leading to a repeat of the errors that endanger the well-being of the patients (Avery, 2012). The recommendation for the American College of Physicians is thus to eliminate the shame and blame mechanisms in the traditional means of handling errors and thus adopt a reporting mechanism that will allow the concerned personnel to learn from the errors (Silow-Carroll et al., 2007). Background and Context The 1999 release of the publication ‘To err is human: Building a safer health system’ by the National Academy of Medicine brought to the attention of the public the extent of medical errors as well as the implication to human life. According to the publication, medical errors cost the lives of between 44,000 and 98,000 individuals each year (Bleich, 2005). Further, the general report from the department of health and human services found that approximately 180,000 Medicare beneficiaries fell victim to the

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