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Law as a Social Determinant Name Institutional Affiliation Law as a Social Determinant Abstract The judicial institution is pertinent in shaping the direction of the society including behavior and patterns. While the institution exists to provide equal social determinant regardless of race and class, it is shaped by the whims of the majority members of the society thereby placing the minority individuals at a disadvantage. The historical indications of law are the cause of today’s concerns surrounding discrimination and prejudice across different institutions of the society. The incidents may seem isolated in their impact, but they all contribute to the health outcomes of the members of the society. An illustration is the inequitable access to education and economic opportunities because of race and class. The two aspects contribute to the subsequent poor access to health care and information for the minority individuals. The analysis will focus on the various aspects of social determinants along with their intersection with the historic and modern laws. The conclusion will provide recommendations on the possible measures to counter the negative social determinants while promoting the positive determinants for the well-being of the society. Introduction The law in its various forms and embodiment play a significant role in shaping the lives of community members and in turn their health outcomes. The four categories in which the law affects health outcomes include first, the use of the law in designing as well as perpetuating social conditions that create a physical, mental and emotional strain on individuals as well as populations (Teitelbaum, & Wilensky,

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