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Case Scenario Analysis Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Case Scenario Analysis According to my nursing experience, I believe that everyone in life especially my patients would love to regain back to their healthy life. In the case of a terminal disease that they know they cannot recover from and are ready to die, they usually believe they need to leave a legacy of remembrance after they are gone. In this case, I am tasked to wonder about the aspects of life that are significant. Interacting with patients has helped me to learn a lot about life. For instance, in this case, Mr. Newcomb is one of my close friends and patients, and I would grant him his wish of wanting to bid a significant person goodbye. However, its vital that I will have to explore his legacy with his wife if it happens that she discovers of his secret of a mistress. Solving this dilemma requires that I adopt ethical sensitivity while understanding the possible consequences of my decisions. In my capacity as a nurse, I am obliged to decline Mr. Newcomb’s request because it is an action that is against the code of ethics of nurses’ practice. For this reason, it would be unethical and a violation of the nurses ’professional conduct. Researchers in the nursing profession highlight that the nurse's role is to act in a way that will promote the well-being of their patients as noted in the principle of beneficence. The care that nurses offer to patients is for improving the health of their patients; however, in Mr. Newcomb’s case, I am restricted to offering my support in delivering the chemotherapy treatment. Registered nurses have the responsibility of caring for patients by

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