Having excellent communication skills

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INTRODUCTION I. Attention Material 1. Begin by asking the audience how many people they interacted with after getting out of their house in the morning, ask them how many remembered to say good morning, good afternoon or good evening to the people they interacted with (Take a few answers from the audience). 2. Statement of the topic: Communication skills form a significant part of our lives and majorly dictates our personality and how people view us, for that, will be taking you through having the best communication skills with people (Ellis, 2002). 3. The relevance of the topic: Communication skills forms a major part of our lives and majorly dictates our personality and how people view you. People perceive what type of a person you are by how you present yourself to them. 4. Establish credibility: I became interested in learning about good communication skills after numerous accounts of my friends missing significant opportunities or being mistaken for other people simply because of the way they presented themselves to people (Ellis, 2002). For these, I searched the internet for materials that would help me and my friends develop good image before others. 5. Preview of crucial points: Communication entails more than just exchanging word by mouth with another, it involves the first processes of one’s appearance and also understanding the primary motive behind any communication you having. Today will take you through barriers to excellent interpersonal communication with people and necessary skills to improve communication (Ellis, 2002). (Transition: Can everyone hear me, do you know what we are to talk about am I presentable, basically this is the essence of

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