Hate Speech

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Name Instructor Course Date Hate Speech Is Not a Crime I support that hate speech should not be prohibited on college campuses in the argument that it is a free speech and an avenue of expressing different viewpoints. Ideally, free speech on college campuses provides an avenue for addressing some of the challenges faced in the education sector. The methods put in place to regulate it by the government are unconstitutional in the tertiary education institution. Since it doesn't explain what should be allowed and the content, it should not be banned. It is secured in the first amendment although this applies to public universities. The lack of clarity on what consists hate speech gives the institutional administrators an opportunity to cripple the freedom of expression. Also, private colleges should follow the same principles to legalize freedom of expression which is a primary value to all institutions. Speakers involved in controversial debates should be protected at all cost to ensure that they are safe and are not interrupted. Such actions will encourage more people to talk about pertinent issues that affect them without fear of victimization. Further, it will empower the students in tertiary institutions to be more involved in the matters that affect them that often becomes a source of student unrest. Education is more facilitated when there is the freedom of speech that is adhered by everyone. There is no freedom of schooling without freedom of expression making people from all races and religion to learn from each other. Consequently, this positive interaction among multiethnic and diverse religious groups will promote national integration. Once an individual is

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