Hate crimes in Toronto 2

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Hate crimes in Toronto Hate crimes in Toronto Canada are considered to be the primary challenge to many immigrants from different backgrounds; cultures and nationality that reside within the boundaries of the city .various ideological perspectives have motivated the conflicts within Toronto triggered by ignorant and uneducated groups. Due to multiculturism these cases of crimes as reported by Toronto police primarily because of the difference in one nationality, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, language, color, religion and gender. Due to these differences, one may be subjected to assault, alienated, stigmatized, killed, biases in jobs selection and persistent threats since they are associated with wrongdoings or norms that do not practice in the community as in the case of LGBQT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Queer and Transgender) community. Furthermore, the black and Jewish communities are victims of these discriminations acts caused by local citizens, (Herek et al, 2002). Moving forward: ongoing learning Due to pro-active education, the case of hate crimes has significantly reduced between the year 2014 and 2015.These excellent education has facilitated the entire communities to recognize and universally combat discrimination for unity. Perhaps citizens are enlightened to discourage conflicts offenses that lead to instability and societal segregation based on religion and racial profiling. Despite all efforts by all institutions campaigns against this common threat some cases are still reported, such as assault, discrimination and threats. Social perception should be encouraged in a positive way to discourage victimizations and association of other

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