harry potter and the philosopher stone

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Name Instructor Course Date Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone The Harry Porter is one of the most watched films. One of the things that make it a popular film is the quality of fiction. People like seeing criticism in the family. The film applies many features, and one of it is the use of suspense. From the time Harry leaves the Dursleys and enrolls in a school for the magic, we experience a plot full of content in the form of action and camera work. It’s the aspects of the content include ridicule, superiority, evil and a common feeling of wonderfulness. Criticism, in rather a satirical way, of a family as caressing as that of Harry is part of the plot of the novel. The Dursleys attend horribly to the strange, the familiar, the conventional and even the wondrous. They hold so much hatred for the protagonist that they do not want to see him perform any magic in the world. The reality is presented in the obnoxious Dudley among others, who regards the reality as a something to grab and uses it to bully Potter. The scene welcomes the criticism of acquisition which relates the basic family to the entire wideness. The film is not only about the magic but the other feature such as the staging, character, music, tone, and cultural text. All of these combine to produce a rather entertaining content. This paper seeks to assess the aesthetic quality of the Harry Potter film delving into the qualities of lighting, narrative style, sound, color and entire cinematography. Magic does not require one to have a concrete understanding of the world but only to use their powers to change it into their suit. However, for Harry, the supernatural power is not a means to

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