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Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Total Equality and Utopia in the Society Harrison Bergeron is a futuristic story set in the year 2081 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The story highlights a scenario where everyone is living in the American dream of equality in society. In such a society, the people who are regarded as being superior are required by law to wear handicaps and several hideous masks. The story suggests that equality is something that is not worth to be strived for in the society and that implantation will be able to achieve outcomes that are dangerous to the society. To be able to achieve equality in the society, both physically and mentally, the beautiful ones are required to be singularly identified and suffer. The citizens are forced thus to hide from the government as the consequence of showing one's talent is punitive. While the world is striving to achieve equality among people, the story highlights what the world is striving to achieve. Thus in the story, Kurt Vonnegut has highlighted the effects of total equality and sameness of individuals. Diana Moon Glampers, a Handicapper General in the story, is a symbolic representation of fairness and equality in the society. Her responsibility is to ensure that everyone is equal by lowering the capacity and intelligence level of people in the society. At the start of the story, the novel makes us see the future through this lenses “The year is 2081, and all the people are equal in the society, people are not only equal before the eyes of the lord, but they are also equal in every manner and perspective…." (Vonnegut 234). This manner of equality shows that the society wants the good for every

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