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Name Institution ProfessorDate EXPERIMENT: Hardness and Impact Toughness Correlation in Metals Objectives: To determine hardness, impact toughness and density of three specimen (4140 steel, Cold rolled steel, and brass) To establish the possible correlation between physical and mechanical properties. Theory A number of tests exists in the field of material science, and one of the commonly used is the hardness test. Hardness is a compressive test whose outcome is influenced by the shape of the identer, and the applied effort. Rockwell and Brinnel tests are examples of hardness tests that can be carried out in the same way. Moreover, impact toughness test is also related to the two tests in the sense that designers use it to during application. Density is a physical property which influences impact toughness and hardness. Procedure The set up is arranged as shown below Rockwell hardness test is done using a tester, five readings recorded, and the average calculated and recorded Brinnel hardness tester is used on the opposite side, three readings recorded, and the average calculated and recorded The dimensions are measured and recorded for each sample Charpy impact impact test is done for each sample. Results and Discussion The necessary measurements and dimensions were measured and recorded as shown in the tables below: Table 1: Measurements of density Sample 4140 Steel Cold rolled Brass Weight (g) 37.17 37.19 41.37 Length (inches) 2.0135 1.997 2.025 Width (inches) 0.372 0.373 0.375 Thickness (inches) 0.375 0.375 0.376 The results here shows that brass had the largest length and cold rolled had the least length. Also, brass was the heaviest

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