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Name: Professor’s name: Course: Date: Happiness What is happiness? For thousands of years, human beings have tried to answer this question, yet there is no conclusive definition of what is happiness. Many have said that happiness is having peace of mind whereas others think it is having a lot of material possession. However, regardless of the differences in what amounts to happiness, it seems everyone is pursuing happiness. In light of this reality, two authors have sought to address the issue through their works. One of the works is “peace of mind is the ultimate goal” by Douglas Todd in which the author analyses the views of different philosophers regarding the topic of happiness. Douglas looks into the views of Charles Hartshorne, Aristotle, Dalai Lama and other classical philosophers and theologians. The other work is “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In this second work, the author highlights the American lifestyle in the early 1920s and the pursuit of empty happiness. Therefore, the two authors have a commonality on the topic of happiness but differ in the way each expresses the issue. Douglas notes that Hartshorne believes that both animals and human beings are in constant pursuit of fulfillment. For instance, he says that birds like singing as a way of finding joy. However, for human beings, the pursuit of happiness is bit complex considering that people have different goals in life. Coincidentally, this is also evident in the Great Gatsby as the author portrays a society characterized by a desire for wealth and pleasure. There is a rise in secular music, social events, and materialism. The main character in the book even goes ahead to

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