Happiness is simply a matter of feeling good (pleasure and enjoyment)

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Name Tutor Course Date Philosophy Happiness can be defined as an emotional or mental state where an individual has positive feelings ranging from satisfaction to intense joy. Aristotle view happiness as more dependent on ourselves rather than how anybody else makes us feel. Aristotle refers to happiness as one of the major purposes as to why human lives on this earth and also its one of the goals that each human being tends to achieve. Moreover, he believed that a happy life required achievements of a wide range of conditions which included physical and mental wellbeing. In this article, we are going to critique the claim that happiness is the same as having pleasure or enjoying the moment. In the modern world happiness has largely been influenced by personal feelings that a person has at a given point in time. People view happiness nowadays as the times they are having a beer with their best friends or watching their favorite teams play together. However, people like Aristotle refer to happiness as a final result or goal that comprises of an individual’s total life. Aristotle views happiness as something that cannot be attained or fade away after some few hours such as pleasurable sensations (Mathews & Gareth 186-199). However, he views happiness as a measure of how well people have lived their lives to their maximum potential as human beings. He views happiness as the achievements that human beings have had up to the recent moment. Therefore, people cannot conclude that an individual has had a happy life until his life comes to an end. Moreover, we cannot argue that children are happy unless they are full potential as human beings are realised, and

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