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Hamlet Character foils, through their similarities and differences concerning the main characters, are used to mirror their real character traits that may not be directly evident to the readers. In the book Hamlet by Shakespeare, various characters have been used as character foils of Hamlet, who is the main character. These minor characters through their actions and words aid readers to understand him more. The characters that have best been used to foil Hamlet and his struggles are Fortinbras, Ophelia, and Claudius. These characters go to an extent to explain Hamlet’s character and also reveal some of the hidden mysteries Hamlet. He further says that there is more than meet the eye since the characters play a significant role towards the revelation of this theme. It is through these characters that certain mysteries about the prince can be solved. Fortinbras is just a prince like Hamlet, and they are similar in that their fathers are both killed. The characters show motives are determined to take actions in avenge for the death of their parents. Therefore, these different ways and various incentives also facilitate a case of similarities between the characters. The way they act and react further mirror their differences and in doing this, he serves as the foil for Hamlet. Fortinbras brings out Hamlet’s interpersonal conflict and his indecisive nature by his organizational skills and disregard for moral judgment. His plan to revenge is not a personal initiative, but he is rather working in the name of Norway and of honor. He also organizes an army and strategically plans his revenge. When he sees Claudius, he is not hesitant to kill him as he is not confined to the

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