Hamlet themes of death

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Name Professor Title Date Hamlet Themes of Death The story of Hamlet is permeated by superstitions and notions surrounding the mystery of death. The story often chill the readers and compel them to doubt their spirituality and faith. In the first scene, there is a clear formation of captivation with the dead. The Ghost of Hamlet’s father is introduced in the play making the line between dead and living look fine. When the Ghost appears to Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo, they are all terrified. The Ghost of Hamlet’s father visit to the mortal world of the living creates curiosity to them. The contagious curiosity created at the beginning of the play sets the tone of the entire story with the premature death of Hamlet’s father. After the murder of his father, Hamlet is overwhelmed by sorrow that leads him into a deep depression. At this time, Hamlet ponders committing suicide. He wishes to die as he says “O, that this too sullied flesh would melt, /Thaw, and resolve itself to dew” (Shakespeare 23). Hamlet appears to be a procrastinator who wants to revenge the untimely death of his father, but he doesn't follow the plans accordingly to accomplish the mission. Since death is a reality, it is the antagonist in the play while Hamlet is the protagonist. Hamlet's ambition to revenge is motivated by the fact that he will also perish. In his speech, Hamlet poses a question that one should ignore in order to keep living. His speech begins “To be or not to be” (Shakespeare 41). Hamlet is not necessarily being disturbed by the death of his father but how he is quickly forgotten. Hamlet is shocked how Queen Gertrude comfortably moves on. Therefore, based on

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