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H2FLO Dental carries are one of the most common oral diseases in human beings, and it is prevalent in the developed countries. Notably, dental carries have be0en contended to be a costly burden to the heal6th care services. Three in five adolescents often aged between 12-19 years' experience dental carries in permanent tooth decay while 15% had untreated tooth decay. The common causes of tooth decay include demineralization from the tooth's enamel layer when there is acids outbreak at the enamel. Among most college students, dental carries are associated with some of the habits that they have adopted in their lifestyles. These habits include the consumption of energy drinks as well as snacks during their long night studies, poor oral health practices, and binge drinking. These factors are coupled with the lack of knowledge regarding oral health. A significant number of adolescents are not aware of the benefits of fluoride despite the various programs that have been initiated to ensure that fluoride can be acquired. The campaign H2FLO seeks to spread awareness to all the young students, working with residential life as well as the Maryland dining program. The advantages of using filtered water stations hall be highlighted. Just like any other effort to inform or persuade a large group of people, the H2FLO campaign required a careful analysis of the target audience features, including the current behaviors, as well as the reasons for their current practices. The campaign seeks to impact the University of Maryland, College Park students who are aged 18-25. The target audience will be the freshman during their orientation. This shall ensure that they develop the habit of

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