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The issue of the gun right has brought about many debates where some people are for it while others are against it. Those who are supporting gun rights claim that self-defense will improve if people are allowed to own guns. Owning guns will also lead to a decrease in criminal activities. Those are against the right of owning guns say that people will be irresponsible and use the firearm inappropriately. The inappropriate use will lead accidental injuries or even deaths. Guns should not be allowed in the society, but if necessary then strict measures have to be put in place to ensure they are used appropriately. Some people argue that they should have guns for shooting birds and animal for fun or self-protection. However, there are policemen who are mandated to offer the protection. If someone happens to have an argument with a friend and shoots him or her out of anger, the shooter will be charged with murder and life will have been lost unlike for the birds and animals who can be shot for fun without the shooter being charged for any offense. Guns have also been used to commit suicide, for example in the United States children under the age of fifteen commit suicide using guns because of bullying.(U.S. News, Some states have strict regulations that require guns to be safely kept not in use. Even though this control works to maintain the number of guns low, it is not helpful because no one knows exactly when he or she will face danger and require to use a gun. Active measures should be taken for those who want to own guns in the community. First, they should have psychiatrist tests to ensure that they are of sound mind. Secondly, they should also be members of

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