Gun Rights and Special Interest Groups

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Name Instructor Course Date Gun Rights and Special Interest Groups Gun rights loosely refer to the freedom or latitude extended to an individual or group of people to own, keep, bear, use during moments of self-defense and even engage in the production of guns as well as ammunition. Special interest groups, on the other hand, is a collection of individuals within a community with a common set of shared interests, which thus inform their relationship and cooperation. According to Nownes (6), special interest groups usually have a limited or narrow focus on major issues, values or concerns that they hold dear or over which they have unique preferences. The nature of the association of special interest groups in advocating for their common agenda or goal could include avenues such as regular meetings, organizing of events and seminars during which they seek to inform policy. In a discussion of gun rights, an attempt will be made by drawing a link between the same, and various dynamics of specific interest groups involved in advocating for the civil enjoyment of gun rights. Debates have raged over time in different societies specifically Western societies, case in point the America, on the gun possession and other related rights. As usual, the debate has cast the society into two, those for the liberal enjoyment of civil ownership of guns as a right under the law, and those opposed to gun rights, more so ownership on the other hand. In advancing the debate and advocating for the free exercise of gun rights, various special interest groups have thus emerged, bringing together those passionately pushing for a non-restrained ownership of guns and enjoyment of the gun

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