Gun laws

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission GUN LAWS Introduction In the United States of America there are laws that regulate possession, use and sale of guns and ammunition. These laws include; Washington, D.C laws, State laws and federal laws. Most of the laws are independent and thus not necessarily falling between the scopes of firearms laws of the federal state. About forty four states in America have a provision in their constitutions which permits individuals to own firearms. Only a few states have not allowed individuals to own firearms and they include; New York, Iowa, Minnesota, California and New Jersey (Branas, et al, 2009). Gun laws in America stipulate that all private citizens owning firearms subscribe themselves to the state laws and not necessarily to the state where they live. Before owning a firearm there are regulations that one must meet before being issued a permit to carry and use any firearm appropriately (Cook & Jens, 2013).The concealed carry permit is issued on the basis of the laws of the state. For instance, the state of Idaho recognizes a gun permit from Oregon but surprisingly the state of Oregon does not accept gun permit from Idaho State. As a matter of fact, state laws on guns are not strict as compared to the federal laws dealing with firearms. However, this does not mean that there is a lapse when it comes to apprehending those who misuse their guns. It is from this perspective that I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of gun control laws (Baker & McPhedran, 2006). Advantages of Gun Control Laws Since most of the Americans are in possession of firearms courtesy of their laws, it

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