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Name Professor Course Date Gun laws in the United States In recent years, mass shooting has increased tremendously in the United States. The most recent cases are the Florida school shooting and Texas mass shooting. In the situation of Florida shooting the culprit was a former student called Nikolas Cruz. Texas has had its history of deadly mass shooting, for instance, Virginia Tech shooting of 2007 and Baptist church shooting 2017. The shots were carried out by young people with high caliber guns. The incidences indicate that something is wrong with our gun laws and need a remedy. In a recent study done, more adult white men own guns compared to women and blacks. The principal reason for holding a gun is for protection and hunting. However, some people are restricted from owning a gun, for instance, mentally challenged, illegal alien and drug abuser. They cannot hold a weapon due to the dangers associated with possessing a firearm like accidental shooting and suicide. The main reason why there are many mass shooting is lack of comprehensive laws to regulate ownership and use of guns. It is not clear how many gun laws exist in the United States. However, the National rifle association claims that there are over 20,000 gun-related laws (Mustard 650). On the other hand, Wayne LA Pierre counted over 9,000 laws while a combination of scholars in the 2000s found four hundred laws. This data shows that the problem is no shortage of proposals instead it’s their ambiguity. It also demonstrates that the rules are inadequate and either needs some amendment or proper enforcement. Some of the critical gun laws put in place included. 1927 law which Banned shipment of

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