Gun Control to Avoid School Shootings

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Gun Control to Avoid School Shootings Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Abstract School shootings have become a new norm in the United States with the most recent one being an attack perpetrated by a nineteen-year-old on a school in Florida. This has stirred a countrywide uproar about gun control and the lenient firearm laws in America. In every one hundred people in the United States, eighty-eight have guns making it the highest statistic in the world. The correlation between gun control laws and the number of shootings is quite evident leaving many in disquiet regarding the government’s reluctance to enforce gun control laws. The prevalent gun culture in America develops from its border expansion, innovative roots, and the Second Amendment. Gun control is an efficient way to end school shootings. When few people possess guns, the motivation to use them in restricted areas such as schools also goes down. This intelligence analysis paper contends that gun control can be used to end school shootings. It provides details about various laws on gun control and gives arguments and counter-arguments regarding the effectiveness of gun control as regards school shootings. Keywords: Gun control, School Shooting, Second Amendment, Constitution, NRA Gun Control to Avoid School Shootings Recently, Florida experienced a series of events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a young man-Nikolas Cruz, at the age of nineteen, decided to kill seventeen students, staff members, and injuring several others with a gun. The police without incident just a mile from the crime scene apprehended Cruz. The AR-15 gun he used was legally acquired and even the family he

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