Gun Control or People Control?

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723141189_Gun_Control_or_People_Control? Name Course Professor’s name Date of submission Gun Control or People Control? Introduction The question of whether to arm or disarm the civilian position has become a controversial issue in the context of trying to address the challenge of gun control and the adverse impacts that come with the civilians’ possession of the guns (Lopez 4). The United States, unlike other developed countries from the European Nations, has continually been unable to control guns and gun violence despite the fact that there are severe laws that have been introduced with the aim of reducing gun violence. Whether or not the guns should be taken from civilians seems to be an issue that is engulfed by other myriad issues most of which can only be addressed from a legal platform (Lopez 8). A series of research and analysis have been conducted with the aim of attempting to discern the best approach that the United States within the respective states can use to resolve the issue such as massive shootings and violent crimes in cities like Chicago (Winkler 14). The essay intends to conduct an in-depth analysis of the appropriate policies and approach that could be used to resolve the issue of gun control in the United States. Overview of Gun-Control Situation in the United States From a statistical perspective, the United States has approximately six times the number of gun homicide cases as compared to Canada and nearly sixteen times the case of Germany as stipulated by the Guardian on UN data. Also, the United States is extraordinarily considered to be the global leader in the rate of gun passion by civilians. It is clear that the

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