Gun Control and the Control of Crime

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Gun Control and the Control of Crime Name Institutional Affiliation Gun Control and the Control of Crime The United States of America formulated their Constitution from a set of rules and regulations that dictate the power of the people and draw a boundary on acceptable conduct under the governments watch. This rules are also known as amendments and are written with the aim of securing the rights of all Americans. Gun control is a controversial topic in America (Rossi, 2017). In the wake of rampant shooting like the recent Florida massacre where over 17 people died, the debate on gun control has been intensified as others propose lessening of the gun laws while others are pushing for restraints. There have been efforts to persuade the government to implement the gun control laws (Woldoff, Litchfield, & Sycafoo, 2017). However, this effort has proved futile since other government officials support the second amendments which support the people’s right to own firearms without violation. I support the second amendment because when guns are restricted, the crime rate will rise since the helpless citizens will be an easy target for murder, robbery and other violations. Also, it is worth to acknowledge that guns do not kill people. Instead, it is the people who do. In fact, if the government bans the public from owning guns, they will still acquire them illegally from the black market (Rossi, 2017). Therefore, it is up to the people to regulate the way they use their weapons. Besides, there are criminals out there in possession of guns illegally; they continue to terrorize the citizens. Therefore, the citizens have the right to own guns for self-defense purposes

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