Guarding the Golden Door Paper Book Review

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Guarding the Golden Door Paper Book Review. Roger Daniels book introduces the reader to an entangled history of the immigration policy in the United States. It is evident from the Roger Daniel’s point that much of the United States immigration policy was established by people who had very little idea about the consequences of the immigration policies that were enacted through lots of struggles. Before 1882, the U.S had no established policies on immigration and those who came into the country either legally or illegally could stay in the country for as much as they wished. However, the current American people have felt ambivalent towards the new arrivals in the country since the immigrants come in to provide willing and cheap labor, and they have cast some doubts over the ability of the different groups to integrate. The Congress and the federal government who were the main institutions addressing the immigration issue experienced a great challenge of balancing the attitudes of the American people and the politics. The Public and politicians were the main dictators of the anti-Chinese policy. It was challenging since the government was trying to maintain its diplomatic relations with the Chinese government, which may view the exclusion issue as a provocation and violation of their treaty promise (Daniels, 5). However, the domestic factors of the United States ultimately trumped global concerns, since most of the American people wanted the immigrants restricted from coming the country to take over their jobs. The immigrants were accused of taking over the American people jobs at a cheaper cost, thus promoting an increase in the unemployment levels among the Americans

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