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Growing up essay is a severe kind of academic paper. In this paper, you can write how your life goals have changed over the years. Give examples of the amount of responsibility you were given as you matured. Perhaps as you grew, you began to think about your future life or what kind of job you would like to get and how you see your family.

The essay also includes information about what you had to exclude from life to achieve the goal or what efforts you had to improve your life. Growing up implies the development of relative autonomy – material, social, personal. Self-reliance does not come overnight. Tell the reader when you felt like you became an adult. If you find it challenging to share this information, experts know how to turn a story into a great essay.

Growing up was not only a challenge to me but to my parents who day in day out was unsuccessfully trying to get me a sibling. My parents went through nasty judgmental sentiments from the physicians they sought help from adding pain to wound. At a young age, growing up as the only child was no easy, and without any knowledge of the situation, I gave my mom a hard time explaining why it was not possible only later to realize that they were faced with a case of infertility. The hopelessness on their faces became my motivation. Although it was too late for my mom, I found a purpose, to restore hope to such couples. Studies revolving around fertility became my thing especially technological advancement...

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Growing up with my brothers and sister is one memory that is still in my mind. In our family, we were two brothers and our last born was our beautiful sister. The neighborhood was safe and quiet with a very big playing ground where we would meet with other children and play. I thank my mother very much because she always believed that play was paramount to our development. However, my big brother was a bully not only to other children but also us. Other children feared him because getting a beating was the norm of the day. Nearby, there was this old man by the name Francis who would be seen driving a small old car around the estate. In his place, he had a beautiful garden full of mangoes and apples....

growing up with a pet would positively impact his child (Public Health Council, 2018). However, there was a catch to this new privilege. And this was that while her father agreed to help her train her new companion to be disciplined and intelligent, Michelle would also help her mother in cleaning after the pet, washing him, and feeding him when she was not in school. As they left for home, both Michelle and her dad could not help but envision the future trying to picture the outcome of the long journey they were about to take together. A journey of dedication, teamwork, and learning.References Public Health Council. (2018). The benefits of pet ownership for children. Retrieved from....



growing up bars one from connecting well with nature hence barring transcendentalism. Works Cited Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Nature and other essays. Courier Corporation,...